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Kevin Klipstein has been the Chief Executive Officer of US Squash since December 2004, and oversees all US Squash operations.

Coaches Matter More Than We Realize: Remembrances of Bob Callahan

Kevin Klipstein pays tribute to Bob Callahan ahead of the legendary Princeton Coach's memorial service. [...]

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By Kevin Klipstein, President & Chief Executive Officer The 2005 Annual Meeting of the Members took place during Nationals at Harvard—I was three months into the job, and there were five of us total (an official quorum is twenty-five). The average age of the members in attendance was approximately sixty-seven. Undeterred, the four members proceeded [...]

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By Kevin D. Klipstein, President & Chief Executive Officer It’s been quite a year already in sports so far starting with the Sochi Winter Olympics serving up rigged Russian figure skating results, World Cup soccer offering a Suarez biting, accusations of cheating all around, and the recent fumbles by the NFL have tarnished their $10 [...]

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By Kevin D. Klipstein, President & Chief Executive Officer At the fifty-ninth hosting of the Junior Nationals this spring, we honored Olivia Fiechter and Derek Hsue with the 2014 DeRoy Sportsmanship Award. Each year we present this award to a male and female senior who demonstrate exemplary behavior on and off the court and compete [...]

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By Kevin D. Klipstein, President & Chief Executive Officer It’s easy to get lost in all the titles. U.S. Championships are all around us now. It wasn’t always the case, as many in their 40s, 50s and 60s still often lament in refrains such as, “I remember when there were 500 players at Nationals, with [...]

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By Kevin D. Klipstein, President & Chief Executive Officer Modern photography traces its roots back 1,000 years to an Iraqi inventor who managed to project an outside image on the inside of a tent, upside down. Not until the late 1800’s did true photography become portable, allowing for more flexibility in what the photographer shot. [...]

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By Kevin D. Klipstein, President & Chief Executive Officer The start of a typical Wednesday night league match for me sounds like this after the warm-up: Me: “Do you have your eye guards? In case I accidentally hit you, I don’t want you to get hurt.” Opponent: “Uh, no, you won’t hit me/I don’t have [...]

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By Kevin D. Klipstein, President & Chief Executive Officer Fifty years have now passed since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the first and only squash-playing U.S. President. Kennedy once said, “If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.” While the world collectively struggles [...]

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As freshmen on the Cornell team, to say we occupied the back seat would be accurate both physically and metaphorically. College squash had yet to reach the level of charter bus travel that teams enjoy today. Twelve-passenger vans driven by the coach, with assistant, and a squad of ten plus gear left little room for [...]

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Last year around this time I wrote about how impressive the top squash professionals were both on and off the court, and how much they deserved to compete on the biggest sports stages in the world. At the women’s semifinal of the 2012 U.S. Open, I witnessed Nicol David rally from a 2-1 game, and [...]

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Squash has no “off-season” anymore, and we are definitely not complaining. The US was very involved in the Olympic bid effort—thank you to the Districts, individuals and clubs that donated generously. The value in media coverage alone for the sport was worth the effort to raise our profile, and we will persist in pursuing the [...]

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Vision, Commitment and Results

As the pace of change in our lives seems to accelerate, it’s a pleasure to point to things that endure. Of course we all must move on, and the same is true for members of our Board of Directors. Peter Lasusa has served on the U.S. Squash Board for nine years, since 2004 (when it [...]

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Rule of Three

With spring turning to summer soon, the squash season shifts into a different mode, wrapping up leagues and other activities with year-end events. What this yields for me are opportunities to speak at district awards dinners, club events and the like, and most recently, to serve as a speaker and moderator on a marketing panel [...]

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Some criticize us for focusing too much on the best and think we can do more to make the stories we tell more relatable. However regardless of our field I think we can all relate to what it takes to be excellent, whether we have achieved it or aspire to it. The sports news was [...]

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Doing the right thing

US Squash recently announced that the prize purse for the 2013 Delaware Investments U.S. Open will provide equal prize money for both the men’s and women’s championships. The purse will be the largest in U.S. Open history and one of the largest in squash worldwide. [...]

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US Squash embarking on broad 2013 initiatives to improve squash experience

US Squash has announced a range of new initiatives that will be rolled out in the new year to further support and advance the squash experience in the United States. [...]

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US Squash: Advancing through growth and innovation

By promoting our sport at the highest level, we celebrate the best in the world, while at the same time accomplishing the goals of increasing the availability and awareness of squash, and laying the foundation for providing resources needed to do it on a bigger and better scale each year. [...]

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Impact of Hurricane Sandy on US Squash

Many across the entire Northeast are clearly adversely affected by the severity of the recent storm. Foremost, we wish to express our concern for all those in the squash community and sincerely hope that you and your family are safe. New York City and the surrounding areas were not spared from the impact of Hurricane [...]

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High lobs, higher praise

The W. Stewart Brauns Jr. Award is a national honor presented by U.S. SQUASH to a person who has made substantial administrative contributions to squash.  Brauns was a US Squash Board President from 1969-1971 and intimately involved in squash’s administration for years. The honor has recently been awarded in 2010 to Danielle Maur of Life [...]

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Urban renewal

At our annual Strategic Review this summer, CitySquash Executive Director Tim Wyant asked about fundraising initiatives and what would be most helpful in support of U.S. SQUASH’s efforts. Half-joking I told him that the most helpful thing would be if he moved his annual fundraiser (“The Bash”) several hundred miles north of New York City. [...]

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Put the racquet down

As the national governing body we generally believe that the more people play squash, the better. That said, moderation in all things is advised, and squash is no exception.  An issue that has started to crop up as one in need of addressing is year-round play for juniors. We’ve received some criticism recently that the [...]

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Value added

Hearing some people talk about US Squash, you’d think we fashioned ourselves after 19th century robber barons, rigging the system to extract maximum revenue to pad our accounts, as if we had equity in the Association. [...]

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Ten days in January

When attending the Tournament of Champions, held annually at Grand Central Terminal in New York City, it’s very easy to fall prey to the illusion that squash has gone mainstream and finally everyone has caught on to what we have known all along: that there is no greater game, and there are no greater athletes, [...]

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A concerned parent

Whether or not you agree with him in policy or governance, you have to agree that Barack Obama knows sports. [...]

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Streams of consciousness

The following article written by US Squash CEO Kevin Klipstein for the January 2012 issue of Squash Magazine: We often encounter circumstances which lead us to a crossroads. The choices are either cooperate and partner with an organization to further our collective goals together, or decide to work independently, and in an uncoordinated fashion. Almost [...]

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