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Squash has touched the lives of millions, and its lure is addictive. With an involvement level of some 25,000,000 players in 185 countries across the globe, this game brings together an enthusiastic community of passionate and energetic players.

US Squash gratefully acknowledges the generous donations from our Partners and Supporters who support us in our vision of allowing all people to have the opportunity to enhance their health and well being through the sport of squash.

The United States has the fastest growing squash participation level of any country worldwide – the most recent data from the Sporting Good Manufacturers Association shows a remarkable growth of 82% between 2007 and 2011 to an estimated 1.2 million players nationally.

To continue to develop new programs, build awareness and grow the game, we need your support. As a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization, US Squash relies on the generosity of its friends and supporters to help fund our activities, which are designed to build a bright future for squash.

Donate to US Squash

You can shape the future of squash in many ways:

  • ANNUAL FUND –  provides a major source of funding for US Squash’s core programs.  Gifts to the Annual Fund allow US Squash to invest contributions in areas where they are most needed to continue to develop new programs, build awareness and grow the game.
  • JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT FUND – created to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding junior community. Gifts are restricted to junior development, to improve the quality of our junior squash programs, expand their reach, and increase the opportunities associated with being involved with squash.
  • LEGACY GIVING – US Squash welcome legacy gifts that will further and fulfill its mission and vision.  Make a commitment to US Squash’s future with a legacy gift and be remembered for your passion for squash.
  • NATIONAL TEAM FUND - US Squash invests $400,000 annually in our National Teams program.  It is our goal to take the best our country has to offer, and combine it with world-class professional support in order for our athletes and National Teams to have the opportunity to become true ‘players’ on the world stage.
  • DOUBLES FUND - Gifts are restricted to doubles development, improvement of the quality of our squash doubles programs, and increasing the opportunities for young people from under-served communities to benefit from the life changing opportunities that squash doubles can provide.
  • HALL OF FAME AND MUSEUM FUND – supports the implementation of the Hall of Fame inductions and the historic US Squash Hall of Fame museum located at the Brady Squash Center at Yale University.
  • HARDBALL SINGLES FUND – supports Hardball Singles activities.  Hardball Singles has been played at the national level since 1907 and continues to this day.

Each contribution has a direct impact on our efforts to enrich the experience of players in the United States.  To make a donation, click here or call 212.268.4090.

Last season, US Squash recorded 82,396 matches in our system…double the amount from five years ago. Nearly 15% of those were high school squash matches. Since the U.S. High School Championships started ten years ago, it has grown from 16 teams to 160 teams, now hosting more than 1,200 players.  Junior squash is one of the fastest growing areas, with participation in US Squash junior events increasing more than 400% from 2007 to 2011.  Doubles participation has surged with the success of the pro tour, with the women added in recent years and local tournaments and leagues increasingly active.

As well as higher participation rates, US Squash membership has increased by 105% since our low in 2005. Nearly 16,000 US Squash members enjoy the benefits of being able to view their club, district and national rankings online, link with our entire national membership community, contact other members directly, arrange matches online, receive tailored communications about the latest squash events and news, and receive discounts with partner organizations.

One of the main goals of US Squash is to make squash more broadly accessible to play and watch, and to promote it to those who aren’t familiar with the world of squash. In recent decades we have moved in to a new era, where the joy of squash is accessible to everyone.

It is thanks to your support that we can continue to foster this growth and provide opportunities to the squash community.