The number of accredited tournaments and leagues has increased significantly over the last few years. Tournament Directors and League Administrators can find resources with US Squash to help build and more efficiently manage the services in their club.

Working with the Teaching Professional Advisory Council, US Squash has developed guidelines and policies to help monitor and maintain accredited tournaments.  Please review the following guidelines, policies, and available services below before accrediting your tournament.

Additionally, it is recommended to review and be familiar with the Junior Guidelines, Code of ConductTournament Director Certification Program.

Singles Accredited Policies

Please review all policies required by accredited singles tournaments by clicking the link below:

Accredited Singles Tournament Policies

Tournament Management Guidelines

Note that there are different requirements for Junior Bronze, Silver, Gold, JCT, and National Championship Tournaments compared to Adult/Open Tournaments.  Please review applicable guidelines for your tournament below.

Junior Tournament Management GuidelinesOpen/Adult Tournament Management GuidelinesAdult Regional Championship Management Guidelines

Tournament Support Program

By becoming an accredited US Squash tournament, tournament directors have access to the online US Squash software and full-time support from the US Squash staff.  Please click below for more information about the benefits of accrediting your event.

Tournament Support Program

Online Entry Registration System

Available for tournaments is an online entry registration system that saves a tremendous amount of time and energy for Tournament Directors.  Please click for more information on the system and how to set it up with US Squash for your tournament.

Online Entry Registration System

Before submitting a request to post a tournament on the US Squash Accredited Tournament Calendar, Tournament Directors should review accreditation fees, timelines, contacts, and schedules.

Summer 2015 and Sept. 2015 – May 2016 Accreditation Requests

Tournament Directors,

Looking towards next summer for Junior Squash, June 2015 – August 2015, please submit your proposed Tournament Accreditation requests by:

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

Accreditation requests made after this deadline will be handled on a case-by-case basis by US Squash and Regional Coordinators and the request may not have full consideration to be accredited on to the Tournament Schedule.  To submit a request, please follow the link at the bottom of this email.Additionally, US Squash is already accepting accreditation for the next Junior Squash season, September 2015 – May 2016!  Please see below for more information and the deadline for these requests is Sunday, August 24th, 2014.

If you have any questions regarding tournaments in your region, please contact your Regional Coordinator listed below:

Renato Paiva and Kim Clearkin, West Coast – &
Mike Callaway and Ben Oliner, New York – &
Ron Koenig, Pennsylvania –
Joey Ramos and Steve Scharff, Connecticut – &
Neal Tew, Midwest –
David Keating and Peter Heffernan, Mid-Atlantic – &
Tom Poor, New England –
US Squash, NJ, Southeast –

Through August 3rd – Tournament Accreditation Requests compiled both in local regions and on the national calendar
1-2 weeks after August 3rd – Work through conflicting requests with affected tournament directors
Mid to Late August – Post accredited tournaments to the accredited calendar for June 2015 – August 2015

Through August 24th – Tournament Accreditation Requests compiled both in local regions and on the national calendar
1-2 weeks after August 24th – Work through conflicting requests with affected tournament directors
Mid-September – Post accredited tournaments to the accredited calendar for September 2015 – May 2016

The last weekend that will be used for national championship qualification will be the weekend of February 19th, 2016.

Note that for the 2015-2016 season, all Closed level tournaments will be taking place on the weekend of February 26th, 2016.

1. Remember, Gold Tournaments and Closed Events rotate within each region to interested and eligible hosts.
2. For Bronze and Silver events: For every Silver event a Tournament Director hosts, they must also host a Bronze level event to provide opportunities to all level players within their region. Depending on the region, some exceptions may be given if a facility wants to host, for example, two silvers and only one bronze.
3. All level events generally must be split equally among all eligible host facilities within each region. Some exceptions may be made at the discretion of US Squash. For example, one facility in a region cannot host all of the events for a season – they must be shared.
4. The Proposed Calendar was created to reduce competition between weekends – when possible, US Squash will works with tournament directors to ensure maximum participation and opportunities for all accredited events across the country.

Please use the proposed calendar below to help build the September 2015 – May 2016 calendar.  While this proposed schedule is not final, it gives a good starting point based on past tournament history to help build the calendar.

September 2015 – May 2016 Proposed Calendar

You will notice the number of Bronze, Silver, and Gold level tournaments vary from region to region. The number of approved events is data driven based on participation from the last few years. Some regions have increased the number of available events to host, some have stayed the same. This process is entirely data driven. If you have further questions on how these numbers were determined, please email

As a reminder, to host a Gold Tournament, a certified Tournament Director must be involved with the event. A list of certified Tournament Directors is available here:Certified Tournament Directors
If you would like to host a Gold Tournament and have not passed the Tournament Director Certification Course, you can still apply for a Gold Level tournament with the intent of taking the Tournament Director Certification Course before you host your event.

The average number of participants for Gold Level Tournaments is between 200-250 players. Facilities must have enough courts available to host these types of events, and a good rule is 20 players per court for a weekend.

This means Tournament Directors interested in hosting a Gold Level tournament should have roughly 12 or more courts available to them in their proposal. To get this number of courts, multiple facilities are encouraged to collaborate. However, keep in mind that Gold Level Tournaments are aiming to provide an ideal tournament experience and this may be difficult to provide if facilities are not near each other.

In these cases, a “Split Gold” may be used where one area within a region will host half of the age divisions while another area within the same region may host the other divisions.

1. Submit the online request form below for your proposed events throughout the season
2. If you plan on hosting multiple events, please submit this form multiple times
3. Once your event has been approved, you will be contacted to submit an “Online Tournament Accreditation Form” on the US Squash Website.

June 2015 – August 2015 Junior Accreditation Request Form

September 2015 – May 2016 Junior Accreditation Request Form

Please wait to be contacted to submit an actual accreditation form regarding your event once approved by US Squash.

For more information regarding tournament accreditation, or if you have any other questions regarding US Squash policies, please visit the Run a Tournament Page on the US Squash website.

Thank you for participating in the accreditation process and we look forward to working with you before, during, and after your event in the upcoming season!

How to get your tournament on the US Squash Calendar

Information will be posted here once the June 2015 – August 2015 calendar has been finalized.

Accreditation Fees and Timeline

In order for US Squash to support accredited tournaments and continue to develop current and future programming, fees are applied to all US Squash Accredited Tournaments.  Please see below to review the applicable fees and timelines for your tournament.

Accreditation Fees and Timeline

Accreditation Schedule

Several times throughout the year, Tournament Directors will be asked to submit accreditation requests for either the season (September – May) or summer months (June – August).  It is the Tournament Director’s responsibility for submitting accreditation requests during these periods.

US Squash and Regional Coordinators use these requests to help create a national calendar that does not conflict with the national championship calendar and maintains the integrity of the ranking system while ensuring regional fairness with regards to who receives what level of tournaments from year to year.

Please reach out to your Regional Coordinator as you start to prepare your tournament scheduling for the upcoming seasons.

Please note that tournaments are not guaranteed to receive accreditation on the same date or the same status for each season – Tournament Directors must apply for, and are expected to be flexible with event dates.  US Squash will monitor and control the scheduling of tournaments regionally and nationally to benefit the members, and some tournaments may be asked to shift dates from those requested in an application to provide all Tournament Directors with the best promotional opportunities.

Junior Regional Coordinator Contacts

Connecticut – Joey Ramos and Steve Scharff – and
Mid-Atlantic – Peter Heffernan and David Keating – and
Midwest – Neal Tew –
New England – Tom Poor –
New Jersey – US Squash –
New York – Mike Callaway and Ben Oliner – and
Pennsylvania – Ron Koening –
Southeast – US Squash –
West Coast – Renato Paiva and Kim Clearkin- and

Accreditation Request Form

Currently we are accepting requests for Junior Tournament Accreditation for the Summer 2015 and September 2015 – May 2016 Seasons.  For Adult Tournament Accreditation, please email for more information.

June 2015 – August 2015 Junior Accreditation Request Form

September 2015 – May 2016 Junior Accreditation Request Form

Managing a Squash Tournament is a complex and sometimes difficult process.  However, with the right set of tools and support from US Squash, this process can also be fun!  Please see the information below for a general overview of what goes into a tournament, entry management, draw creation assistance, give feedback to US Squash, and how to report incidents that occur at your accredited tournament.

General Tournament Guide

It is recommended that Tournament Directors read through the following brief Tournament Guide for either Junior or Open/Adult tournaments:

Junior Tournament GuideOpen/Adult Tournament Guide

Withdraw and Division Change Requests

Players may withdraw from or change divisions from these tournaments by accessing either their player profiles or from the entrants list on the tournament information page.

In order to submit a Withdraw or Division Change Request, a player must be logged into their account and then select “Change Request” next to their upcoming tournament.  Players will have the option of selecting “Request Change Division” or to “Request Withdraw/Refund.”  Sending a request will not automatically push a request through; any Withdraw and Divisions Change Request must be approved by the Tournament Director.

Players must read through the policies surrounding withdraws and refunds before they are able to submit the request.   After a request has been made, a Tournament Director can review pending requests and may either approve or deny the request based on US Squash Policies.  Player requests will all be time stamped and Tournament Directors will automatically know if a player will receive a rankings penalty, qualify for a refund, or can switch divisions.

Player Change Request Instructions

Draw Creation Worksheet

Tournament Directors should use the following Draw Creation Worksheets to create accredited draw types for their tournament.

Junior WorksheetAdult Worksheet

Draw Flow
Tournament Director Feedback

In an effort to improve all aspects of managing tournaments with support from US Squash, we want to ask what improvements can be made current programming.  Please visit the link below to submit suggestions that would fix issues, make the software easier to use, or provide general recommendations to US Squash.

Tournament Director Feedback Form

Incident Report Form

If a player, parent, coach, or member observes a violation of a US Squash Policy, Guideline, Code of Conduct or Rule during a US Squash accredited event, he or she is encouraged to report it to the Tournament or Event Director (if applicable) or US Squash staff member if available. Tournament or Event Directors will then take appropriate action at that time, and in addition may in their discretion complete and file an Incident Report with US Squash.  Please click below for more information and how to submit an Incident Report form.

Incident Reporting Information

Please see below for additional resources that may be of assistance for your tournament.

Draw Templates
Round Robins
Seeding Positions
Score Sheets
Additional Support

If you need any additional support or have any questions about running a tournament, please contact us at or call us in the office at 212.268.4090.