Tournament Director Certification

CTD-01Running a tournament involves a great deal of coordination and management.  US Squash provides a Tournament Director Certification Program to help support those hosting accredited tournaments.

Starting August 29, 2014, tournament directors intending to host any accredited tournament must complete the US Squash Tournament Director Level 1 Certification Program.  To obtain a Level 1 Tournament Director Certification, a tournament director must contact assist in any accredited tournament run by a Level 1 Certified Tournament Director.

Steps for Level 1 Tournament Director Certification are as follows:

1, The candidate must contact the Level 1 Certified Tournament Director and let them know they are interested in assisting with their tournament.

2. If the Level 1 Certified Tournament Director is available to bring the candidate on to their staff to assist for their tournament, the candidate should email and the Level 1 Certified Tournament Director with their request to become certified at the proposed tournament.

3. US Squash must approve the request and after tournament, the candidate must submit a Level 1 Tournament Director Certification Report, available by clicking here.

By assisting in an accredited tournament, candidates will gain exposure to the mechanics of running a tournament, US Squash policies and guidelines, how to handle issues with participants and parents, and gain valuable experience.  The certified tournament director then must verify the candidates’ involvement throughout the tournament with US Squash to finalize their certification.

Tournament Directors intending to host Gold Level Junior Tournaments must complete, or have one of their lead staff members complete, the US Squash Level 2 Tournament Director Certification Program.  Participants receive a training support package that includes reimbursement for travel, a meal stipend, hourly wages, accommodation, and a uniform.

Upcoming Event Opportunities:

The next opportunity will be in September at the beginning of the 2014-2015 season. A complete list of opportunities to receive a US Squash Level 2 Tournament Director Certification will be available shortly.

By completing the Tournament Director Certification program, and confirming that the Certified Tournament Director will be present at the Gold Event, the associated facility will be eligible to apply for accreditation for a Gold Level Tournament.

Any questions can be directed to

Program Details

The purpose of the program is to provide:

• Training in recommended practices for running accredited (sanctioned) events
• Full comprehension of all the tools, resources, and services available from US Squash
• Understanding and implementation of all policies and guidelines for accredited (sanctioned) events
• An opportunity to ask questions to US Squash staff and train in a well supported environment
• Improved standard of events for players and parents via certification

Training includes:

• Instruction on setting up venues, tournament desk operations, staffing strategies, court monitoring, draw updating, court scheduling, and creating a refereeing plan
• Useful conversational tools for parents, coaches, and players in dealing with stressful situations
• Full explanations of draw types, from feed-in draws to round robins
• Any additional requested information

How to Apply

Please fill out the following form:

Tournament Director Certification Program Request Form

Training Support Package Inclusions

• Travel Reimbursement of up to $250, meal reimbursement up to $40 a day
• Hourly wages of $15 per hour, working throughout the entire tournament
• Accommodation and Staff Uniform provided


Azmat, Ajaz (New York)
Badan, Yvain (Connecticut)
Barker, Phil (New England)
Barnes, Connie (Mid-Atlantic)
Bassett, Graham (New York)
Bedore, Patrick (Mid-Atlantic)
Blasberg, Jack (New England)
Bradey, Sharon (New England)
Brown, Ian (Mid-Atlantic)
Brown, Lester (New York)
Burns, Robert (Connecticut)
Callender, Jamal (New York)
Carlson, Janet (Great Lakes)
Chan-A-Sue, Ramon (Mid-Atlantic)
Clark, Alexandra (Pennsylvania)
Cook, Gus (Mid-Atlantic)
Costa, Duilio (Pennsylvania)
Childers, Chris (Mid-Atlantic)
Das, Mithun (Pennsylvania)
Denne, Scott (Western States)
Dewitt, John (Connecticut)
Dugan, Nathan (Great Lakes)
Eagle, Terry (Western States)
Easdon, Josh (New York)
Elliott, Richard (Western States)
Foster, Amy (New England)
Frank, Paul (Pennsylvania)
Fuselli, Tina (Western States)
Guyer, Kate (New York)


Hamza, Ahmed (Southeast)
Harris, Julieanna (Pennsylvania)
Heather, Mark (Great Lakes)
Hicks, Jason (New York)
Holmes, Lewis (New England)
Hunt, Sunny (Southeast)
Jefferys, Michael (Pennsylvania)
Johnson, Francis (Mid-Atlantic)
Johnstone, Shaun (New York)
Johnstone, Wade (Mid-Atlantic)
Kapur, Eddie (New York)
Kerr, Shona (New England)
Le Cheminant, Galen (Southeast)
Lindsay, Ray (Great Lakes)
Macdonald, Michael (Great Lakes)
Mather, Heidi (Great Lakes)
Mathieson, Paul (New England)
Maur, Andre (Southeast)
McArthur, Greg (New England)
Mcleod, Catherine (New England)
McNeil, Tucker (Mid-Atlantic)
Mehmood, Kumail (New York)
Meres, Ghirma (Mid-Atlantic)
Mir, Khalid (Western States)
Mitchell, Geoff (Mid-Atlantic)
Moorhouse, Jen (New England)
Mosope, Lekgotla (New England)
Mulligan, Jeff (Great Lakes)


Naseem, Jahangir (Mid-Atlantic)
Oweida, Ahmed (Mid-Atlantic)
Paiva, Renato (Western States)
Perry, Jonathan (Western States)
Price, Mark (New Jersey)
Price, Winston (Mid-Atlantic)
Puertas, Michael (Great Lakes)
Quick, Meredeth (New York)
Ray, Abir (Mid-Atlantic)
Razik, Shahier (Mid-Atlantic)
Reiss, Greg (New York)
Richardson, Hunt (Mid-Atlantic)
Robberds, Mick (Connecticut)
Rooney, John (New York)
Rothie, JP (Western States)
Rumpler, Tom (Southeast)
Russ, Andrew (Mid-Atlantic)
Scharff, Steve (New England)
Schwerer, Franz (Great Lakes)
Sharplin, Daniel (New England)
Stait, Alex (Pennsylvania)
Tew, Neal (Great Lakes)
Thieman, Walter (Great Lakes)
Thomas, Tim (New England)
Walker, Damien (New England)
Wellings, Julian (Great Lakes)
Wert, Chrisopher (Pennsylvania)
Williams, Drewe (Great Lakes)
Yehia, Karim (Connecticut)


Abraham, Ryan (Connecticut)
Allen, Mark (Mid-Atlantic)
Ahmed, Nadeem (Great Lakes)
Amir, Katja (New York)
Avitable, Pete (New England)
Binney, Chris (Connecticut)
Burke, John (Connecticut)
Callaway, Michael (New York)
Cassey, Bryan (Pennsylvania)
Clearkin, Kim (West Coast)
Crane, Greg (New England)
Cristy, Nicole (Mid-Atlantic)
Devoy, Scott (Pennsylvania)
Elriani, Linda (New York)
Geisser, Dan (New York)
Heffernan, Peter (Mid-Atlantic)
Hughes, Dominic (Pennsylvania)
Jamison, Beau (Great Lakes)
Johnson, Charlie (New York)
Keating, David (Mid-Atlantic)
Kenney, Liam (Connecticut)
Krizek, Narelle (New Jersey)


Lambert, Molly (New York)
Leong, Leroy (New York)
Mendez, William (New England)
Muhwati, Simba (New England)
Palterman, Kimbley (New England)
Poor, Morgan (New England)
Poor, Tom (New England)
Russell, Joe (Great Lakes)
Smith, Chris (New England)
Spahr, Chris (New England)
Sterling, Russ (Mid-Atlantic)
Waseem Haq, Muhamed (Western States)
Weber, Gareth (Western States)
Whittaker, Doug (Pennsylvania)
Wiens, Valeria (New England)
Xaba, Busani (Western States)
Young, Jeffrey (Western States)
Zein, Maha (Western States)

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