Women’s Squash Week

In 2008, New York’s Jessica Green and Emily Stieff started “Women’s Squash Night” as a way for New York Squash to build growth in women’s squash. In 2011, after four successful events in New York, AJ Copeland reached out to Stieff to put a similar event together in Washington, DC. In the fall of 2012, the night turned into a nation-wide celebration — Women’s Squash Week.

With over fifteen cities joining in, more than 400 women of all ages and skill levels participated in social round robins of singles, doubles, and “queen of the court.” The goal was social, not competitive, play to inspire women to get back on court after the summer, reconnect with old friends, and introduce new women players to the sport.

Women’s Squash Week not only brought players out in droves to local events, but it has helped spawn more participation in weekly round robins, league teams, and the development of new teams to participate in the Howe Cup.

Women’s Squash Week will take place in the last full week of September, with the goal of getting more women involved in playing squash.

In 2014 Women’s Squash Week will run from September 22-28, and we will see the biggest response ever, with events at clubs in Baltimore, Connecticut, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle Washington D.C, and many others.  To read more about the 2014 Women’s Squash Week, click here.

New York and Washington, D.C. have run women’s squash nights and have seen a dramatic increase in tournament and league play along with the number of women seen on court at the clubs on a daily basis.  In addition these event has helped to build a strong community of women’s players in those regions.

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