US Squash’s fiscal year runs from July 1 – June 30 each year, mirroring the seasonality of the sport. Operating revenues before fundraising for the Association are approximately $3.2 million, comprised of roughly 25% from event entries, 20% from membership, 18% from sponsorship, 13% from accreditation (sanctioning) fees, and 10% from event-related contributions. Expenses are comprised of roughly 55% direct expenses (44% of which is event-related and 6% national team), 31% personnel and 14% shared expenses for the association.

Since expenses exceed earned revenues, and event entry fees are less than expenses, typically the association raises an additional 15% of the budget through contributions to break even while also allowing the organization to continue to invest in driving and managing the growth of the sport.

Since 2007, US Squash has used Matt Dapolito, CPA, President at NonProfit Fiscal Management LLC, to provide financial control services on an ongoing basis. Since 2008, US Squash has used Jim Mulroy, CPA, PSA, CGFM, partner at WithumSmith+Brown, the Certified Public Accountant and Consultants firm, to conduct annual independent audits of the Association’s finances.

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