Cate School Hosts Fifty-Ninth Hardball Singles Invitational

by Tefft Smith

For the first time in years, it rained on Saturday. But the sun came out on Sunday so the award ceremony and lunch were held under blue skies and 75° temperatures at Betty Woodworth’s home. She has been at fifty-four of the fifty-nine award ceremonies and looks forward to hosting us at the sixtieth next year. Put it on your calendars right now. February 5-7, 2016.

Jason Jewell won the A division quite handily for the seventh time in his illustrious Cate squash tournament career. Ashley Kayler and Robert Graham are close behind, but neither were able to come to challenge Jason this year. But the B draw saw a newcomer, Robbie Gibbons, take on all comers and only lose two games along the way. Thirteen years ago he won the junior division so this will be his second inscription on the winner plaques. Both Joe Mersola and Matt Morphy ’84 gave him a battle, but Robbie just retrieved too many shots to be denied. We also welcomed two first-timers Geoff Bennett and Howie Simon. Our lady entrants played warm up matches with Bob Mosier and Dan Karnowsky before clashing in a very hard fought ladies final. Brett Elebash bested hard-hitting Mimi Munson three games to one.

Tefft Smith won the 60+ division only dropping two games, one each to runner-up Jim Gibbons, and George Witter. And he also demonstrated additional fitness and competitive zeal by coming from 2-1 game deficit and a 10-13 deficit in the fifth game to overcome the B champion Robbie Gibbons in an exhibition match early Sunday morning. Terry Eagle won the 70s with wins over runner-up George Meyer, Alan Fox, and John M Day from Portland.

This tournament continues to break even thanks to particularly generous patron sponsorship from Bob Mosier, The Gibbons Elebash family, and Tefft Smith. Four players, Reed Foster, Don Fuhrer, Paul Chan, and Greg Stiles, all made entry contributions despite not playing and Many other players added nice bonuses to their entries to make sure this tournament continues.

View all results on the Cate Invitational Squash tournament page.

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