Squash Professionals Affiliate Program

The Squash Professionals Affiliate (or SPA) Program provides a range of valuable benefits to squash professionals at no cost, while supporting US SQUASH initiatives to drive growth in the game.

The name for the program is derived from the definition of “affiliate”, which is a group that is closely connected with a larger group, or a person who joins with others to form a group. Used as a verb, it means to bring a group into a close relationship with another.

The SPA Program offers US Squash and squash professionals across the country the forum to work collectively, as a group, and as partners, to grow the sport.


Program Details

The BENEFITS to the Professional of being part of the SPA Program include:

  • Eligibility for US Squash Membership Incentives
  • Discounts on tournament accreditation (sanctioning) fees up to 20%
  • On-court performance apparel from US Squash
  • A Squash Professionals Affiliate recognition certificate
  • Discounts up to 50% on Coach Certification Courses offered by US Squash
  • Eligibility to vote for and be on the Annual Top U.S. Professionals list
  • Eligibility for US Squash Professional Achievement Award
  • Access to a pre-screened, preferred network of health insurance providers
  • Personal liability insurance coverage for coaching for an additional fee
  • Potential future opportunities include
    • Sell US Squash merchandise and co-brand in pro shop
    • Access to the an online collection of best practices for coaches and pros called US Squash “Professional Practices”


Eligibility for US Squash Membership Incentives

Incentives are paid annually, in July for the prior twelve month period (season). Incentives per club may not exceed $2,500. An individual must be accepted into the program within the first four months of the season in order to receive incentives for the season and the club must be an active Member Club.

The payments to SPAs are paid on an escalated scale, with a higher percent of the national membership fee per member paid to the SPA, with the percent determined based on the number of members per court (any type) as of June 30 according to the following ratios:

•          10+ per court =10%, (Bronze Member Club Status)

•          20+ per court =15%, (Silver Member Club Status)

•          30+ per court =20%, (Gold Member Club Status)

•          50+ per court =30%. (Platinum Member Club Status)

Clubs with fewer than 10 members per court do not receive incentives.

In the instance where there is more than one SPA working at the Member Club, the incentives are paid to the Head Squash Professional at the Member Club, and are distributed at the Head Pro’s discretion. All professionals at the Member Club must be part of the SPA program for the incentives to be paid to the Head Squash Professional.

Discounts on tournament accreditation (sanctioning) fees throughout the season up to 20%

A 10% discount on accreditation (sanctioning) fee ($23 for juniors, $3 for adults) is provided to all SPAs provided he or she is the Tournament Director and is a SPA at the time of the tournament.

A 20% discount will be applied to SPAs at clubs with Silver Status and above.

On-court performance apparel from US Squash

US Squash will provide SPAs with an item of on-court performance apparel to identify the professionals supporting the Association. This will be available in all-white if needed.

A Squash Professionals Affiliate recognition certificate

US Squash will provide SPAs a certificate recognizing the professional as an Affiliate.

Discounts up to 50% on Coach Certification Courses offered by US Squash

SPAs will be offered up to 50% off the course fees for any certification offered by US Squash

Eligibility to vote for and be on the Annual Top U.S. Professionals List

Each year, US Squash will recognize the TOP U.S. Professionals, as selected by the SPAs.

Eligibility for US Squash Awards

Each year, US Squash will recognize a SPA with the US Squash Professional Achievement Award to a deserving SPA.

Access to a pre-screened, preferred network of health insurance providers

US Squash has partnered with Northwest Mutual and MLF Insurance to facilitate SPAs’ acquisition of health insurance should his or her employer does not provide it. Since insurance is offered state by state, US SQUASH is unable to provide a single policy for all SPAs to join. However, through MLF Insurance, SPAs will receive first-class service in assessing the SPA’s needs, and referring the SPA to a qualified, pre-screened contact in the appropriate state, to offer a health insurance policy that meets the needs and budget of the SPA.

Personal liability insurance coverage for coaching

SPAs may obtain General Liability Insurance coverage for limited coaching activity. A National background check must be passed to qualify and fees apply.


Sell US Squash merchandise and co-brand in pro shop

US Squash will partner with SPAs to enable the purchase of US Squash branded apparel and merchandise at wholesale cost for re-sale in pro shops. US Squash will also allow SPAs to develop co-branded US Squash/Member Club merchandise to sell in the pro shop.

Best practices for coaches and pros called US Squash “Professional Practices”

Access to extensive documentation on best practices viewable only to SPAs. The content will cover the areas of Contract & Employment Negotiation, Tournament Organization & Management, League & Ladder Organization, Middle and High School Programs, Partnering with Junior Parents, College Recruiting, Compliance & Coaching, Managing Pro Shops, Sponsorship Sales, Working with Industry Manufacturers, Exhibitions & Clinics, and Using Technology.

Eligibility and Application


  • Maintain a current US Squash membership
  • Be a part-time professional at a Member Club/Facility
  • Commit to taking and passing the Level 1 US Squash Certified Coach Course, or appropriate equivalent, within three (3) years of signed application date
  • Pass a national background check (for insurance only)
  • Must be sixteen years of age or older

Required Documentation

  • Application Form
  • Verification of Club Relationship letter
  • Program Agreement
Print information kit and application form

How to Apply

  • Submit a completed application packet to:

US Squash – SPA Program

555 Eighth Avenue, Suite 1102

New York, NY 10018-4311

  • Join or renew your US Squash membership

To obtain an application emailed to you, call 212.268.4090 or email


Be a part-time professional at Member Club/Facility

At a minimum, work 10 hours at the Member Club/Facility and provide a signed Verification of Club Relationship letter as part of application.

Commit to taking and passing the Level I US Squash Certified Coach Course

Be a currently certified Level 1 Coach within the U.S.; or provide proof of equivalent certification from another country with a WSF approved program; or commit to taking within three (3) years of signed application, the Level 1 Course or appropriate equivalent as determined by US Squash.

Display US Squash promotional materials in squash facility

US Squash will begin to send promotional flyers and posters to SPAs via email and mail. The materials will range in topics from promotion of national championships and leagues, to more generic information on membership and how to start playing squash. The materials are intended to help SPAs increase their business, and US Squash promote its programs.

Host a Club Championship annually

During the season, between January and April, a Club Championship for the appropriate levels (Skill and or Age) at the Member Club must be run. No accreditation (sanctioning) fee will be charged for the Championship, though the results must be reported via the US Squash tournament module. These tournaments will provide the first step in a state and regional sequence of qualification for U.S. Championships over time. Beginning, or maintaining, a history of these Championships is a first step towards building out this structure.

To obtain insurance, pass a National background check and pay fee. For more details call 212.268.4090 or email

Policies, Values and Code of Conduct

SPA Program Policies

SPAs must comply with, and enforce compliance with all US Squash competition policies for accredited (sanctioned) events. This specifically includes the mandatory Protective Eyewear Policy for all accredited (sanctioned) play including Tournaments, Leagues and Ladders.

The SPA Agreement must be signed annually to ensure awareness and comprehension of updated policies, requirements and terms.

SPA Program Values

The Squash Professionals Affiliate (SPA) Statement of Values

INTEGRITY – SPAs act with integrity and honesty. These qualities are essential in providing a basis for trust and go to the core of what is expected from business professionals.Many of these concepts are from The Charles H. Lundquist College of Business Code of Professional Business Conduct. These values are as important within our professional community as well as the squash community. They help define both how we aspire to act and what it means to be a business professional.  The SPA Values include:

  • RESPECT – SPAs convey respect for the dignity of all people. SPA relationships are based on mutual respect. Differences of opinion are discussed openly and civilly. These discussions focus on issues and are presented in a courteous manner. We are sensitive to the impacts of both our words and actions on others.
  • OPENNESS – SPAs encourage all members of our community to exchange information and ideas freely within the bounds of reasonable behavior. We recognize that learning requires an open environment.
  • RESPONSIBILITY – SPAs act publicly and accept responsibility for our actions. We understand that the squash community will keep us accountable for our dealings. We deliver on the commitments and promises we make to others.
  • TEAMWORK – Our partnership is stronger when we work as a team. We foster attitudes encouraging members of the community to give and receive constructive criticism, and develop creative solutions to challenges.

SPA Program Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for the Squash Professionals Affiliate

These concepts are borrowed from a position paper from the National Association for Sport and Physical Education. National Association for Sport and Physical Education. (1999). Sport and physical education practitioners, including Squash Professionals Affilliates (SPAs), value sport and physical activity’s contribution to overall human development. The SPA Program’s Code of Conduct serves as a guide for the study and application of being a squash professional.  It is an indication of acceptance of responsibility for ethical practice as a squash professional, and provides a framework for the resolution of ethical dilemmas. Squash Professionals Affiliates:

    • Maintain their professional and personal standing through the highest standards of ethical behavior;
    • Productively discuss and communicate with others what collective knowledge, and which shared practices, best embody the importance of sport and physical education to overall human welfare;
    • Provide appropriate service to relevant squash organizations that promote the value and importance of sport and physical education’s contribution to overall human welfare;
    • Interact with U.S. SQUASH with courtesy, professionalism and respect, and resolve conflicts with the Association directly, not publicly, and with diplomacy, an open mind and an understanding of the value close partnership provides to the service of the sport;
    • Strive to achieve and maintain accepted standards of excellence in sport and physical education;
    • Attain relevant qualifications and experiences necessary to carry out professional duties and obligations with competence, honor, and integrity;
    • Seek out and implement, appropriate instructional methods that reflect best practice in teaching physical education and coaching sport.


Current Members


Acosta, Christopher
Anwar, Sahel
Avitable, Pete
Baker, David Ray
Baglio, Carl
Barnes, Connie
Beddoes, Emma
Berghof, Oliver
Betts, Kari
Bhayani, Kat
Biel, Elisha
Brown, Debbie
Brown, Lester
Brownell, Christina
Cady, Brian
Callaway, Mike
Carranza, Felipe
Castilla, Juan
Chambers, Bart
Chan-A-Sue, Ramon
Chifunda, Patrick
Chilton, Edmund
Chin, Richard
Christiansen, Eric
Clearkin, Kim
Cook, Gus
Cook, Justin
Cordell, Neil
Cuckerman, David
Deaifi, Jamal
Denne, Scott
Devkaran, Bhatty
Doline, Lauren
Dugan, Nathan
Easdon, Josh
Ehalen, Ehimen
Elliott, Richard


Fennell, Christopher
Fitzgerald, Scott
Flanigan, John
Forgeron, David
Gadient, Edward
Gerra, Peter
Gill, Sandeep
Greenberg, Jordan
Greenberg, Mariann
Gul, Adnan
Hamill, Adam
Hamza, Ahmed Maged
Hazell, Shannon
Heffernan, Peter
Helal, Jessica
Hettiarachchi, Menusha
Hicks, Jason
Hopkins, Cameron
Hughes, David
Hughes, Dominic
Jacobs, Ken
Jefferys, Mike
Jihad, Nadia
Joint, Mick
John, Gary
Johnson, Charlie
Kapur, Eddie
Khan, Asad Riaz
Khan, Latasha
Kerr, Shona


Larromana, Pamela
LaFontant, Roland
Lahey, Greg
Lahey, John
Laverty, Max
Leong, Lynn
Lindsay, Ray
Manzur, Arturo
Maroc, Kristi
Mathias, Brian
Mathur, Manek
Maur, Andre
Millman, Joseph
Millman, Richard
Mitchell, Geoff
Mosope, Lekgotla
Muhwati, Simbarashe
Murphy, Don
Musto, John
O’Doherty, Orla
O’Hora, Brian
O’Toole, Mary
Oliner, Ben
Paiva, Renato
Palmgren, Michael
Palterman, Kimbley
Parsons, Stuart
Patrizio, Lauren
Patterson, Bryan
Perry, Jonathan
Prockop, Hope
Puertas, Michael
Quick, Preston


Ragontse, Lefika
Ray, Abir
Richardson, Hunt
Riley, Michael
Rix, Tina
Rumpler, Thomas
Russ, Andrew
Saunders, Pamela
Schmidt, Frank
Seshadri, Satyajit
Sharma, Parth
Simon, Josh
Smith, Chris
Sondhi, Surj
Spahr, Chris
Stephenson, Larissa
Sundaramoorthy, Karthik
Supanick, Bev
Szombti, Szilvia
Taylor, Andrew
Thain, Nigel
Thorpe Clark, Craig
Ttophi, Jamie
Vlcek, Marie
Walker, Adam
Walker, Chris
Wenn, Cliff
White, Jamie
Whitham, Lee
Whittaker, Doug
Wilinski, John
Wilkens, Robert
Williams, Drew
Yehia, Karim

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