College FAQs

What opportunities are there to play squash in college in the United States?

There are excellent squash programs with wonderful coaches at a variety of schools in the United States, and students should be able to find a college that will be a good fit for them academically, athletically, and socially.

A list of college teams and extensive information about college squash in the USA can be found on the College Squash Association website.

How do I get in to college squash?

Most high schools will have useful resources to help students with applying to college. In general, students should continue to work hard on their academics throughout their senior year; attempt to get the best standardized test scores they can, even if that means retaking tests; and do a quality job on the application itself. No matter how good a squash player a student is, a hastily or poorly done application can hurt their chances of being admitted.

Coaches primarily use national rankings as the first source of information for evaluating high school players. If a student wants to be recruited, they should make sure they play enough tournaments to get a good ranking, whether they play through their high school or on their own.

The US Squash website is a great source for information about tournaments for junior players. Students can also send videos of themselves playing to coaches. The more information a coach receives, the better able they will be able to make a good decision about whom they will support with admissions.

What are the college squash seasons?

College squash is played throughout winter, from November to February.