COVID-19 Response

Please share any thoughts you have related to US Squash’s response to COVID-19. Your input remains important to our considerations moving forward.

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  • Will US Squash adjust any junior ranking policies to accommodate the suspension of play?
    • Yes, the implications to junior rankings by the suspension of junior accredited play is currently being evaluated. Any adjustments will be communicated prior the resumption of tournament competition.
  • Will player rankings continue to be calculated during this time?
    • No, the rankings calcuation will be suspended and player rankings will reflect their position as at the March 11th ranking run. Players who age up after March 11th will therefore still be reflected in the younger age group until the resumption of play.
  • How will the Junior National Team be selected for this summer’s Pan American Junior Championships and World Juniors?
    • The National Team selection committee is currently evaluating the options to select the team. Stand by for more information to follow.  US Squash’s participation in the Pan Am Junior and World Junior Championships will be reviewed in the coming weeks.
  • Will US Squash still recognize juniors with national sportsmanship and most-improved awards?
    • Yes, these details are being worked on now. Stand by for more information to follow.
  • How can I qualify for Scholar Athlete Award if my 4th tournament has been canceled?
    • The implications of the suspension of play with respect to the Scholar Athlete award are currently being evaluated. Any adjustments to the qualifications process will be communicated prior the resumption of tournament competition.
  • When will US Squash accredited competitions resume?
    • Currently it is anticipated accredited tournament activity will resume the week of May 4th, 2020 however a final determination has not been made at this time. Please check back at for the most current information.
  • Is accredited adult play suspended?
    • Adult leagues are administered by local Districts and supported by US Squash, please check with your District for any changes to District league competition schedules. Local accredited adult tournament activity is not suspended. Whether to host and participate are decisions to be made by the tournament director and entrants individually.
  • Will I receive a refund for a tournament that was cancelled?
    • US Squash is actively working with tournament directors to issue refunds to players who were signed up for an impacted tournament. All refunds are expected to be issued by March 20, however the date will may vary slightly from tournament to tournament.
  • Why do we not receive a full refund? It wasn’t my fault the tournament was canceled?
    • In these challenging circumstances and as we adapt to the impact of COVID-19, we have had some people question how refunds are being handled. Given the rapidly evolving outbreak, we felt it was important to act quickly and decisively. Tournaments scheduled to take place through April were canceled, yet tournament directors have incurred costs already. In discussing this issue with our partners, we determined that sharing this loss collectively was the fairest outcome for all involved. The novel coronavirus is no one’s fault, so it is difficult to lay the blame or financial burden on any party.
    • Tournament directors pre-pay and are under non-refundable contracts for some tournament related expenses. They incur credit card fees that are not refunded even when a refund is issued.  In this unprecedented situation, the purpose of the non-refunded part of the entry fee is to assist and cover the burden of the costs. While it may not seem fair to some as a player who had no control ultimately about this decision, neither did the tournament director. Safety for all in the end was our priority which we hope our players and their families will understand and appreciate. In the end, there is a cost to everything, and in our view tournament directors provide an incredibly valuable service to the community. At times like these, it is our hope that we can all play a role in supporting each other.
  • Will I receive a refund for a National Championships if it is not rescheduled?
    • Yes, you will receive the full refund minus the $10 administrative fee. You will also receive the option to donate your entry fee to help offset losses US Squash will incur related to the impact of COVID-19. Participants will be contacted directly regarding refunds.
  • Will I still qualify for Nationals if it is rescheduled but I have aged up in the meantime?
    • Yes, all players who qualified for Nationals when it was originally scheduled will remain eligible if they are rescheduled to a later date regardless of whether they have aged up.
  • Can I still enter Nationals if it is rescheduled?
    • The entrants list at the time of suspension will be honored. If registration is re-opened any new players would be placed at the bottom of the waitlist.
  • Should I withdraw from Nationals now or should I wait to see if it is rescheduled?
    • Players should remain on the entrants list if they want to participate in a rescheduled Nationals. If Nationals are unable to be rescheduled players will be offered the opportunity to donate their entry fee or have a refund (minus the $10 administrative fee) at that time
  • I bought a ticket for the Awards dinner. Will I receive a refund?
    • Yes all dinner ticket holders will receive a full refund.
  • Do I need to request a withdrawal or will this be processed by US Squash
    • No action is required by any player registered for a tournament. All refunds and withdrawals will be processed automatically.
  • Will I receive a rankings penalty if I withdraw from a tournament after the entry deadline?
    • The late withdraw penalty was suspended effective March 3, 2020 and will remain suspended until further notice.

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