annual-fund-messaging-dd-05In working to be the best in building a sense of connection across the squash community and to build that community, we:

  • Host one of the world’s premier squash championships, the U.S. Open, recognized by the PSA in 2013 as the Tournament of the Year, and incorporate the annual Squash Summit which serves as a crossroads of the squash community
  • Broker relationships to increase awareness for squash such as the recent year-round inclusion of professional squash matches, including the U.S. Open, on the widely distributed Tennis Channel
  • Ensure the greatest chance for squash’s inclusion in the Olympic Games by uniting the governing bodies’ efforts to advocate for the sport worldwide as members of both the Pan American and World Squash Federations
  • Support the infrastructure and administration of college squash, urban squash and professional squash to help bring together the otherwise disparate elements of the squash community and allow each to focus on improving the benefits they offer to the community, and
  • Act as the #1 source for up-to-the-minute squash news, information and human interest stories in the U.S. via our portfolio of websites and publications.

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