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Hardball singles tournaments have been played at the national level since 1907 and continue to this day.  There is still an active circuit of age division players up and down the east coast. Also becoming popular among players is using the hardball singles and doubles ball on the international size court.  To learn more about Hardball Singles in the United States, click here.




Thank you for considering supporting this important initiative to continue expanding the reach of squash in the US.  For those donors who prefer to mail or fax in a donation, please use this form.  If you have any questions about giving to the Hardball Singles Fund, please call our Department of Institutional Advancement at 646.507.5241 or email

Leadership Giving Levels

Fan Club $1, 000 | Players Club $2, 500 | Coaches Club $5, 000 | Champions Club $10, 000 | Presidents Club $25, 000 | Founders Club $50, 000

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