Loyalty Donors

We extend deep appreciation for the loyalty of the following donors who have given consecutively to US Squash’s core fundraising campaigns for 3 or more years. Ongoing annual support strengthens our ability to create and sustain programs as well as launch initiatives that help us realize our vision.

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15 Years of Giving
Lucy and John D. Barrett II

14 Years of Giving
David Barrett
Susan B. and George Cady Jr.
Patricia and Eric Fast
Marcia and Peter Lasusa Jr
Nancy and John Roehm Jr.

13 Years of Giving
Robert Phillip Bixby
Charles T. Crawford
A.C. and Penny Hubbard Foundation
Thomas Wrightson Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

12 Years of Giving
Ashley and Jason Bernhard
Jack Herrick
O. W. Hodges
James Marver
John G. Nelson
Francis Scanlan
Sangram Sisodia

11 Years of Giving
George Bostwick Jr.
Amy Banse and Joe Dworetzky
Ingrid and David Ellen
Leslie Henshaw and Renny Mendez
Eve and Leo W. Pierce Jr.
John L. Tyler

10 Years of Giving
Holly and David Brown
Barbara and Paul Chan
Thomas A. Clayton
Steve Craxton
William H. Giese
Katharine and Bobby Joyce
Charles C. Kingsley
Agnes Kurtz
M. Jeffrey Maisels
Sarah and Jed F. Nussdorf
Cormac K. O’Malley
Susie and Jim Parsons
Jean Rose
Beth and Jeffrey M. Wilkens

9 Years of Giving
Amy Peck Abraham and Jesse Abraham
Leonard Bernheimer
Susan and Ralt Bohn
Roy Cisneros
Dan Hogan
Christopher Klipstein
Lisa and Ted Lovejoy
The Mackesy Family
Polly and Terry O’Toole
Jonathan Ross
Amy and Jeremy Wintersteen

8 Years of Giving
Delma L. Broussard and Raymond W. Johnston
Helen and Brian D. Fitzgerald
Dr. Eric Grossman
Reverend Robert G. Hetherington
Joseph C. Hoopes Jr.
Alison Kohlmeyer
Douglass B. Lee, Jr.
Nancy and Richard Lubin
Lucia and Brian S. Mathias
The Shanus Merkel Family
Bruce Morgan
Thomas M. Poor
The Seckendorf Family
Martha and D. David Slosburg
Robert Warth

7 Years of Giving
Fred Bass
The Charlton Family
The Evans Family
Leah and Michael Finkelstein
Brian Gourlie
Ann McGowan
Holly and Marshall W. Pagon
Craig Paris
Beverly and David Rayfield
Linda and Jim Robinson
David M. Sibrinsz
Cameron and John Jeming Soroko
Eric Werner
James W. Zug

6 Years of Giving
Bradford S. Barr
David Deforest Keys
Elyse and Parker Douglas
Ashton G. Eldredge Jr.
The Fox Family
John A. Fry
Diane Geracie
Christopher Gould
Ann and Doug Grissom
Janet Hanson
Ralph E. Howe
Amrit & Sarah Kanwal
Cynthia and Michael Kilgallon
Emily and Justin Lungstrum
Jukka Perkiomaki
Ashley and Steven J. Quamme
The Barbara Goodman Raho Thank You URBN Family Foundation
Lissen T. and Ronald F. Tutrone, Jr.
Soo and Raj Venkatesan

5 Years of Giving
Stephen J. Brushett
Mary Lou and Willard Bunn IV
Lou and Gerard deLisser
Michelle, Michael and Logan Diliberto
The Mary and Daniel D. Dolan Family Foundation
The Duffy Family
Donna and Maurice Heckscher II
David M. Hillman
Lee Hilton
Deming and Romer Holleran
Natasha Jones
Jeffrey Kindl
Alan Knobloch
Jennifer and Paul McKinnell
Scott McVey
Julie and Bruce Menin
Hee-Jung and John J. Moon
The Pal Family
Kathie Fox and Michael J. Pierce
Kristen and Robert Raskopf
Jill and Frank J. Stanley IV
Charles C. Stehle
Cathy and Sandy Tierney
Simone and Ted Winston

4 Years of Giving
Bruce Adams
Muffie Potter Aston and Sherrell J. Aston MD
Margaret Varner Bloss
David Body
Jim Boland
Meg and Douglas Braff
Elizabeth and Sean Carney
James Childs
Dr. Sandy Clark
Jeffrey Cummings
Megan and Mark Dowley
John B. Flanigan
Gene J. Goldstein, DMD
Peggy and Ed Harding
T. James Hense Jr
Timothy G. Johnson
Joseph K. Juster
Lucy and P. Nicholas Kourides
Francis L’esperance
Margaret Lockwood and William Ross
Elizabeth M. and Robert W. Loring
Julia P. and Patrick A.M. Miller
Michael Mulholland
Hilary and Charles Parkhurst
Theodore W. Price
Robert M. Pyle, Jr.
Cheryl and Kevin N. Roller
The Sasson Family
Margot and Richard Stephenson
The Sterman Family
Alan Wicks
Ray Widelski

3 Years of Giving
Martha Brady
Greg Gadient
Danielle and David Ganek
The Barclay and Jean Jones Family Foundation
Daniel Lickly
John H. Riehl IV
Frederick Taft
Richard R. Upton
Jug Walia
Elizabeth and Steven Wilkinson
Rebecca and James W. Zug, Jr.


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