In-Club Officiating Clinics Rolling Out This Fall

Officiating programIn support of the integrated campaign to improve officiating and sportsmanship, US Squash is introducing in-club officiating clinics, free to all US Squash members beginning this fall.

Officiating clinics will be offered at selected clubs and tournaments across the country beginning in November and will be delivered by U.S. National Referees, US Squash staff or trained teaching professionals. The clinics will provide players with specialized training on rules education and match management while working with live demos and multimedia material. A range of online video tutorials will be offered for players unable to attend in-club clinics due to geographical constraints.

Players wishing to remain in the US Squash junior rankings must complete a in-club clinic by November 4, 2014.

New online club-level referee certification exams will also be released on January 1, 2014.  Junior players who wish to compete in the 2014 U.S. Junior Championships (Closed), or the U.S. Junior Silver or Bronze Championships must re-certify at the age-appropriate Club Referee level (Club (U13), Club (U15), Club (U17) and Club Referee for U19) prior to their registration being accepted for the tournament. As of September 2, 2014 all junior players must have completed the appropriate online exam in order to remain in the junior rankings in that division.

To view the latest clubs to add in-club officiating clinics, please click here. US Squash will continue to add more clinics to the calendar as clubs step forward to host a clinic. Please remember that players must complete the online exam as well as have attended an officiating clinic to be able to register for the previously mentioned tournaments.

Click here for more on the enhancements of the officiating program.

*This article was amended January 14, 2014 to reflect the new date that players must complete an in-club clinic in order to remain in the junior rankings.

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