Middle and High School Leagues

High School Squash is one of the fastest growing areas in the game today.  Due to the dedicated work of squash enthusiasts, often supported by grants from the US Squash Scholastic Squash Fund (see below) and other aid from the organization, a large number of new school programs are emerging every year.  The number of middle schools offering squash also is growing rapidly each year.

US Squash offers the Scholastic Squash Program to support the development of middle and high school squash in the United States.  The U.S. High School Team Championships have been taking place since 2005, with participation levels dramatically increasing since that time.  Since the first National High School Team Championships took place in 2005, participation has increased from 16 teams in one division for boys, to more than 160 teams in several divisions for boys and girls. The Justi Cup is the top boys’ division trophy, named in honor of Melinda Justi of Philadelphia, PA who started the event. The Patterson Cup is the top girls’ division trophy, in honor of Bryan Patterson, a long time advocate of girls junior squash.

The U.S. Middle School Championships, which started in 2008, have followed a similar trajectory of increasing popularity and attendance.  Many public high schools from Connecticut, New York and New Jersey now recognize squash as a varsity program.

Scholastic Squash Program

The Scholastic Squash Program (SSP) provides the basic resources and tools required by middle and high school programs to manage and support themselves, and links the local league to the national squash community.  Schools able to form a league of five or more teams of a minimum of seven players each (five players in the case of Middle School teams) may apply for US Squash accreditation, and become part of SSP.

An application includes specifications for the league, as well as a requirement for details on league structure (management structure, who act as administrators, number of teams, how the schedules are developed, number of matches per team, etc.).  US Squash then reviews, approves and accredits, and sets up the league in the US Squash system. League administrators are trained on how to schedule the league in the software, and team coaches and managers are trained on how to enter results.

US SQUASH All-American Recognition

Players who participate on High School Scholastic Squash Teams or receive a National Ranking in the Under 17 or Under 19 divisions are eligible for All-American recognition.  For more information, please click here.

SSP provides use of powerful online tools for league management, as well as league team rankings, regional and national scholastic rankings for all players, and a possible exposure in the national junior tournament rankings.

• US Squash provides use of an online league management system for scheduling the season, reporting of results, and communications. Players, parents, and fans can track team and individual results through the league pages and individual player profiles.
• Teams may take advantage of US Squash ladder software to track team challenge matches or other competition.
• Teams can display and update team rankings online throughout the season
• All team matches are calculated towards a player’s Junior Scholastic Rating and Ranking. Individual Scholastic Rankings can be viewed either by league or nationally.
• If an end-of-season individual championship is held for league players, the accreditation fee is waived by US Squash and the results count (1) towards a player’s Scholastic Rating and Ranking, and (2) as a tournament towards their Junior Tournament Ranking. For the Junior Tournament Ranking, point values are based on the Junior Closed Tier 1 point table with the following point multipliers for given divisions and leagues: High School Individual Championships Point Multiplier Table

• US Squash offers financial grants to new school programs. Applications are available on the US Squash website or by contacting Harry Smith at

• US Squash may be able to connect new programs with racquet and equipment manufacturers for special starter rates on equipment

1. Each league must be comprised of a minimum of five different schools.
2. Each team must play at least four different opponents during their season.  Play against a team’s own school (i.e. School A Varsity vs. School A JV) does not count towards the required number of opponents.
3. All players must be current members of US Squash. League Administrators may work with US Squash to set up all players as members of the association, or players may sign up for membership individually.
4. League Administrators and/or coaches must input the competition schedule related to the league play into the US Squash system before TBD.
5. League Administrators and/or coaches must input results from completed matches within 48 hours of the completion of the match.
6. Results may not have “Default” or “Not on Roster” listed unless provided an exception by US Squash.

Facility Fee
• All home facilities of the teams in the league must be current US Squash Facility Affiliates.
• The US Squash facility affiliate fee is $114/court per facility. If the facility is already a facility affiliate, this fee does not need to be paid again by the league or school.

Membership Fee
• All players on team rosters must be current members of US Squash. It is the responsibility of league administrators and team coaches to make sure all players fulfill this requirement. Players may join on an individual basis, or league administrators or coaches may email to pay for the memberships of teams or the whole league.

Scholastic Squash Fund

The US Squash Scholastic Squash Fund Development Program aims to provide emerging junior squash initiatives with financial support to aid in their growth into strong and sustainable programs.  The fund targets new development in middle and high schools, with the ultimate goal of creating self-supporting school teams and leagues that continually expose the game to new players and markets.

Download Scholastic Squash Fund Application Form

US Squash Scholastic Squash Fund resources are available to all middle and high school programs in the United States.  Requests can be made to assist with equipment or facility costs, coaching fees, transportation, or other team-related costs.  Requests should be made by the primary coach/administrator for the program.  If an application is approved, grants typically range from $250 to $1000.  US Squash reserves all rights related to the acceptance of grant proposals.

To apply for a grant, please submit the completed application to Harry Smith at with “Scholastic Squash Fund Grant Application” as the subject.  Grant requests are accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis.  However, early application is encouraged, as grant funds are limited.