2019 U.S. Junior Squash Championships

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McArthur Glass Court 1
McArthur Glass Court 2
McArthur Court 4
McArthur Court 5
McArthur Court 9
McArthur Court 11

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McArthur Glass Court 1

8:45am GU15 Final
9:30am BU15 Final
10:15am GU17 Final
11:00am BU17 Final
11:45am GU19 Final
12:30pm BU19 Final
1:15pm U17-U19 Trophy Ceremony

McArthur Glass Court 2

8:40am GU11 Final
9:20am BU11 Final
10:00am GU13 Final
11:40am BU13 Final
11:30am U11-U15 Trophy Ceremony