Become a Member Facility

Becoming a US Squash Member Facility entitles the club or school to a broad range of benefits including:

Ability to host accredited activity

  • US Squash General Liability Insurance covers US Squash accredited activities.
  • Hosting US Squash accredited tournaments or league matches require Facility Membership and compliance with US Squash policies.
  • Member Facilities will receive secondary liability insurance up to $2,000,000.

Services for coaches, professionals and players

  • Extensive online resources are available to coaches, pros and players to run accredited competitions.
  • Currently included in Facility Membership is the Club Locker software platform which provides players, coaches, clubs, teams, and administrators access to tools to drive engagement, awareness, and community.
    Club Locker features modules to support tournaments, leagues, ladders, reservations, profile management, live scoring and more.
  • US Squash members also receive additional valued benefits.
  • Extensive promotional materials and support is available for Member Facilities, including online and an array of printed materials


To Become a Member Club, contact us at or call 212.268.4090.



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