Tournament Director Certification



Running a squash tournament involves a great deal of coordination and management. US Squash provides a Tournament Director Certification Program to help support tournament promoters.  The Tournament Director Certification course is offered to ease tournament directors into the tournament management process and equip them with all of the necessary resources to run a successful tournament. Each course provides tournament directors hands on experience, an overview of all US Squash guidelines and policies, and efficiencies in the tournament preparation process, ultimately leading to a more organized tournament experience for tournament directors, parents, coaches, and players!

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Tournament Operation Certification

Clearkin, Kim (Connecticuit)
Grady, William (Unknown)
Lightner, Kimbley (Pennsylvania)
Longman, Chris (Penssylvania)
Miller, Sakora (Pennsylvania)
Rojek, Paulina (New York)
Smith, Harry (New York)
Vo, Steve (Massachusetts)
Williams, Colesto (Pennsylvania)

Tournament Director Certification 2019-2020

Tournament directors hosting accredited junior tournaments must complete, or have one of the lead staff members complete, the US Squash Tournament Director Certification. Tournament Director Certification provides a more in depth understanding of the tournament process and polices. The Tournament Director Certification will be offered online that culminates with an exam and a preparation for running a tournament. The online course will further a candidates understanding of tournament policies, tournament preparation strategy, and optimal onsite tournament and staff management. Topics covered in this course are:

  • Junior tournament timelines
  • Cut list calculations
  • Code of Conduct and incident reporting
  • Tournament seeding
  • Staff management
  • Player management
  • Draw creation
  • Result entry
  • Tournament scheduling

How to complete the Tournament Director Certification

If you sign into your Club Locker profile, you can find the exam under the certification tab listed as Junior Accredited Tournament Director Exam.


Certified Tournament Directors


Abdelmaksouod, Amr
Abraham, Ryan
Ahmed, Hamza
Amir, Kat
Anwar, Sahel
Bamber, James
Barnes, Connie
Broekman, Mark
Callaway, Mike
Chacon, Erick
Clearkin, Kim
Devoy, Scott
Downes, Steve
Dugan, Nathan
El Attar, Hesham
Eldaba, Karim
Elriani, Linda
Erasmus, Chanel
Flythe, Dewon
Geekie, John
Graham, Anthony
Grady, William


Helal, Jessica
Heffernan, Peter
Hergeth, Werner
Hughes, Dominic
Jefferys, Mike
Johnson, Charlie
Khan, Imran
Lengthorn, Chris
Lightner, Kimbley
Lincou, Thierry
Miller, Sakora
Monrad, Julie
Moronta, Guillermo
Maur, Andre
Norton, David
Pashley, Celia
Patton, John
Paterson, Lyall
Poor, Tom


Raubenheimer, Tertius
Rix, Tina
Russell, Joe
Russell, John
Scharff, Steve
Schwerer, Franz
Scott, Lee
Sidaway, Matt
Smith, Harry
Sphar, Chris
Swaify, Ahmed
Vo, Steven
Walker, Chris
Webber, Gareth
Whittaker, Doug
Xaba, Busani
Zaidi, Azam
Zein, Maha


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