Tournament Director Certification


Running a squash tournament involves a great deal of coordination and management. US Squash provides a Tournament Director Certification Program to help support tournament promoters.  Given that not every type of tournament requires the same amount of preparation, both a Level 1 and Level 2 Tournament Director Certification course is offered to ease tournament directors into the tournament management process and equip them with all of the necessary resources to run a successful tournament. Each course provides tournament directors hands on experience, an overview of all US Squash guidelines and policies, and efficiencies in the tournament preparation process, ultimately leading to a more organized tournament experience for tournament directors, parents, coaches, and players!

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Level 1 Tournament Director Certification

Tournament directors intending to host US Squash accredited tournaments must complete the US Squash Level 1 Tournament Director Certification. Level 1 Certification provides the basic immersion into tournament management. Tournament directors interested in receiving their Level 1 Certification must contact a Level 1 or Level 2 Certified Tournament Director and assist with their onsite tournament operations. While at the tournament, the Level 1 candidate will gain experience with:

  • US Squash Tournament Software
  • Result Entry
  • Junior Policies and Guidelines
  • Managing issues with participants and parents
  • General squash tournament operations

How to Apply for Level 1 Tournament Director Certification

  • Candidates must contact the Level 1 Certified Tournament Director and let them know they are interested in assisting with their tournament.
  • If the Level 1 Certified Tournament Director is available to bring the candidate on to their staff to assist for the tournament, the candidate must email and the Level 1 Certified Tournament Director with their request to become certified at the proposed tournament.
  • US Squash must approve the request before the tournament, and after the tournament the candidate must submit a Level 1 Tournament Director Certification Report.

The US Squash tournaments team will review the report and follow up with the candidate with any additional questions.

Level 2 Tournament Director Certification

Tournament directors hosting accredited junior gold tournaments must complete, or have one of the lead staff members complete, the US Squash Level 2 Tournament Director Certification. Level 2 Tournament Director Certification provides a more in depth understanding of the tournament process and polices. The Level 2 Tournament Director Certification will be offered online that culminates with an exam and a preparation for running a mock tournament. The online course will further a candidates understanding of tournament policies, tournament preparation strategy, and optimal onsite tournament and staff management. Topics covered in this course are:

  • Junior tournament timelines
  • Cut list calculations
  • Code of Conduct and incident reporting
  • Tournament seeding
  • Staff management
  • Player management
  • Draw creation
  • Result entry
  • Tournament scheduling

How to Apply for Level 2 Tournament Director Certification

Instructions coming soon.


Azmat, Ajaz (New York)
Badan, Yvain (Connecticut)
Barker, Phil (New England)
Barnes, Connie (Mid-Atlantic)
Bassett, Graham (New York)
Bedore, Patrick (Mid-Atlantic)
Blasberg, Jack (New England)
Bradey, Sharon (New England)
Brown, Ian (Mid-Atlantic)
Brown, Lester (New York)
Burns, Robert (Connecticut)
Callender, Jamal (New York)
Carlson, Janet (Great Lakes)
Caty, Laura (Great Lakes)
Chan-A-Sue, Ramon (Mid-Atlantic)
Clark, Alexandra (Pennsylvania)
Cook, Gus (Mid-Atlantic)
Costa, Duilio (Pennsylvania)
Childers, Chris (Mid-Atlantic)
Das, Mithun (Pennsylvania)
Denne, Scott (West Coast)
Dewitt, John (Connecticut)
Dugan, Nathan (Great Lakes)
Eagle, Terry (West Coast)
Easdon, Josh (New York)
Elliott, Richard (West Coast)
Foster, Amy (New England)
Frank, Paul (Pennsylvania)
Fuselli, Tina (West Coast)
Gul, Adnan (Great Lakes)
Guyer, Kate (New York)


Hamza, Ahmed (Southeast)
Harris, Julieanna (Pennsylvania)
Heather, Mark (Great Lakes)
Hicks, Jason (New York)
Holmes, Lewis (New England)
Hunt, Sunny (Southeast)
Illingworth, Julian (West Coast)
Jensen, Shannon (West Coast)
Jefferys, Michael (Pennsylvania)
Johnson, Francis (Mid-Atlantic)
Johnstone, Shaun (New York)
Johnstone, Wade (Mid-Atlantic)
Kapur, Eddie (New York)
Kerr, Shona (New England)
Krance, Max (Connecticut)
Le Cheminant, Galen (Southeast)
Lindsay, Ray (Great Lakes)
Macdonald, Michael (Great Lakes)
Maroc, Kristi (New York)
Mather, Heidi (Great Lakes)
Mathieson, Paul (New England)
Maur, Andre (Southeast)
McArthur, Greg (New England)
Mcleod, Catherine (New England)
McNeil, Tucker (Mid-Atlantic)
Mehmood, Kumail (New York)
Meres, Ghirma (Mid-Atlantic)
Mir, Khalid (West Coast)
Mitchell, Geoff (Mid-Atlantic)
Moorhouse, Jen (New England)
Mosope, Lekgotla (New England)
Mulligan, Jeff (Great Lakes)


Naseem, Jahangir (Mid-Atlantic)
Oweida, Ahmed (Mid-Atlantic)
Padilla, Javier (West Coast)
Paiva, Renato (West Coast)
Paterson, Lyall (Pennsylvania)
Pelletier, Jennifer (New York)
Perry, Jonathan (West Coast)
Price, Mark (New Jersey)
Price, Winston (Mid-Atlantic)
Puertas, Michael (Great Lakes)
Quick, Meredeth (New York)
Ray, Abir (Mid-Atlantic)
Razik, Shahier (Mid-Atlantic)
Read, Ashley (West Coast)
Reiss, Greg (New York)
Richardson, Hunt (Mid-Atlantic)
Robberds, Mick (Connecticut)
Rooney, John (New York)
Rothie, JP (West Coast)
Rumpler, Tom (Southeast)
Russ, Andrew (Mid-Atlantic)
Scharff, Steve (New England)
Schwerer, Franz (Great Lakes)
Sharplin, Daniel (New England)
Sondhi, Surj (West Coast)
Stait, Alex (Pennsylvania)
Tew, Neal (Great Lakes)
Thieman, Walter (Great Lakes)
Thomas, Tim (New England)
Walker, Damien (New England)
Wilkins, Rob (Southeast)
Wellings, Julian (Great Lakes)
Wert, Chrisopher (Pennsylvania)
Williams, Drewe (Great Lakes)
Yehia, Karim (Connecticut)


Abraham, Ryan (Connecticut)
Allen, Mark (Mid-Atlantic)
Ahmed, Nadeem (Great Lakes)
Amir, Katja (New York)
Avitable, Pete (New England)
Binney, Chris (Connecticut)
Burke, John (Connecticut)
Callaway, Michael (New York)
Cassey, Bryan (Pennsylvania)
Clearkin, Kim (West Coast)
Crane, Greg (New England)
Cristy, Nicole (Mid-Atlantic)
Devoy, Scott (Pennsylvania)
Elriani, Linda (New York)
Geisser, Dan (New York)
Haq, Muhamed Waseem (Western States)
Heffernan, Peter (Mid-Atlantic)
Hughes, Dominic (Pennsylvania)
Jamison, Beau (Great Lakes)
Jensen, Shannon (West Coast)
Johnson, Charlie (New York)




Keating, David (Mid-Atlantic)
Kenney, Liam (Connecticut)
Krizek, Narelle (New Jersey)
Lambert, Molly (New York)
Leong, Leroy (New York)
Mendez, William (New England)
Muhwati, Simba (New England)
Palterman, Kimbley (New England)
Poor, Morgan (New England)
Poor, Tom (New England)
Russell, Joe (Great Lakes)
Smith, Chris (New England)
Spahr, Chris (New England)
Sterling, Russ (Mid-Atlantic)
Weber, Gareth (Western States)
Whittaker, Doug (Pennsylvania)
Wiens, Valeria (New England)
Xaba, Busani (Western States)
Young, Jeffrey (Western States)
Zein, Maha (Western States)

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