Premium Services Take Club Locker to New Heights


Following the launch earlier this week of one of US Squash’s most anticipated features called “Find A Match”, which allows players to search for, and connect with, opponents at their club, and for US Squash Members to easily find matches with players outside of their club, premium services are now available to the entire squash community in a variety of packages.

To build US Squash’s base of support overall, premium services now offer some benefits on an unlimited basis to the squash community more broadly. Specifically, having branded and bundled several US Squash Membership benefits in the online product called “Club Locker, “ varied packages offering additional benefits and unlimited access are now available. The packages range from Basic to PRO and PLUS, and include the now standard LIVE benefits currently included in US Squash Membership.

“Basic” access, available at no fee, and essentially meaning you merely have an account with US Squash, provides access to most Club Locker benefits with your club, including the full reservation suite if your club uses Club Locker for booking courts. Players can also join club leagues and ladders, receive a rating, and be ranked against their fellow club members. The Find a Match feature for matches within the club is also available.

The LIVE package of benefits are available to US Squash members, who receive local and national ratings and rankings, a subscription to Squash Magazine, and access to accredited leagues and tournaments, as well as national championships. In addition, LIVE offers access to a full suite of Club Locker benefits, including the newly released Find a Match feature for players nationally, Live Score viewing for all Featured Matches at tournaments and other competitions, and Player Tracker to follow up to three players in competition.

PRO, available for $4.99 per month above the US Squash Membership fee, provides all the LIVE benefits, plus unlimited access to Live Scores for all accredited tournaments and leagues, along with the ability to follow an unlimited number competitors in Player Tracker.

PLUS offers family members and fans a way to receive unlimited access to Live Scores for all accredited tournaments and leagues, along with the ability to follow an unlimited number competitors in Player Tracker for $9.99 per month without the US Squash Membership.

To learn more about newly available packages, click here.

Since its launch last summer, more than fifty facilities and clubs in the U.S. have started using Club Locker to coordinate their programs, including the mobile-friendly court reservation system, which offers a more integrated experience of benefits. Additional clubs are coming online each week, bringing more players further into the squash community. In the next year, US Squash will continue to integrate services under the Club Locker banner, including event registration, tournament schedules and draw views, league play, rankings and player profiles.

The more engagement from the community in US Squash programs, the better the organization is able to serve its mission to lead squash’s growth and development by increasing access and awareness, supporting meaningful lifelong engagement in the sport, and encouraging sportsmanship while achieving competitive excellence at the highest levels.

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