Referee Certification Level Requirements Overhauled

Officiating programContinuing on an integrated campaign to improve officiating and sportsmanship, the US Squash Referee Certification requirements for all levels, from Club to National Referee, are now revised to follow a competency and age-based model. The goal of the enhanced program is to develop more confident, better educated, and more highly trained players and referees. Better knowledge and awareness of the rules, sportsmanship, and the code of conduct will result in a more positive experience of the sport for all players, coaches, and fans.

The details of the officiating certification program reveal that all referees will be re-certified within the next twelve months based on an age-appropriate level, competency and interest in pursuing further officiating opportunities. Re-certification for junior players requires attendance at an officiating clinic and passing a referee exam.

Supported by officiating clinics offered beginning in November, the current Club Referee Exam will be expanded to a series of age-based continuing education tests, with a new exam offered for each junior age division from Under 13’s through the Under 17’s. Upon aging-up to a new division, players will take an exam testing knowledge appropriate to that level. Note: Under 11’s will be required to attend the same clinics as Under 13’s.

Exams, which will be available beginning January 1, 2014, will feature both age-specific video content as well as general rules knowledge multiple choice questions. Players aging up in to the U19 age category will be required to re-certify at ‘full’ Club Level. The adult Club Referee exam also will be updated and players encouraged to re-certify.

Junior players will pay a $45 Club Referee Exam fee every two years when they recertify at their new age level. The fee will cover the exam, online resources including the enhanced age-based resources, and additional officiating support at tournaments and National Championships.

Junior Tournament Player Requirements Fast-tracked

Junior players who wish to compete in the (spring) 2014 U.S. Junior Championships, and the U.S. Junior Silver or Bronze Championships, must re-certify at the age appropriate Club Referee level (Club (U13), Club (U15), Club (U17) and Club Referee for U19) prior to their registration being accepted for the tournament. As of September 2, 2014 all junior players must have completed the appropriate online exam in order to remain in the junior rankings in that division. Note: Under 11’s must also re-certify at Club U13 level in order to be eligible for the aforementioned tournaments.

To view where an in-club officiating clinic is in your region, please click here. US Squash will continue to add more clinics to the calendar as clubs step forward to host a clinic.

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