Referee exam required for junior ranking

As previously communicated to the Junior Squash Community on July 26th, 2013, US Squash will require that all players pass the online club level referee exam by August 5th, 2013 in order to maintain a current national ranking. This is part of the overall initiative to develop better educated and confident players and referees. If you have previously taken and passed the online referee exam, you will not need to retake the exam in order to maintain a national ranking. This policy will go into effect for the rankings calculation on Tuesday August 6th; players who are removed from the national ranking will be reinstated as of the next ranking run after successful completion of the referee exam.

Instructions on how to take the exam are listed below:
1. Logon in the “My Account” Tab across the top of the screen and go to your player profile.
2. In the bottom left corner of the “Home” tab of your profile, click “Take the Exam.”
3. Choose to take the “Club Referee Exam.”

*Once you have completed the exam and clicked “Finish Now, ” make sure that you click the ORANGE button that reads “Please submit your score to U.S. SQUASH, results will NOT count unless this is done. If you need to retake the exam the link will appear on the next screen.”

If you experience any difficulties in taking the online exam or have any questions, please email

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