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Originally announced in December 2012 and again in January 2013, changes to the popular Squash Professionals Affiliate (SPA) Program in support of teaching professionals took effect on July 1, 2013. Changes to the Program provide incentives to squash professionals that are more aligned with the common objective of increasing program participation as well as increasing US Squash membership. Incentives to SPA Members are paid on an escalated scale, with a higher percent of the national membership fee per member paid to the Squash Professional Affiliate, with the percent determined based on the number of members per court (any type) as of June 30 according to the following ratios:

10+ per court =10%, (Bronze Member Club Status)
20+ per court =15%, (Silver Member Club Status)
30+ per court =20%, (Gold Member Club Status)
50+ per court =30%. (Platinum Member Club Status)

*Clubs with fewer than 10 members per court do not receive incentives.

For tournament accreditation fees, a 10% discount on accreditation fees ($23 for juniors, $3 for adults) is provided to all SPA Members provided he or she is the Tournament Director and is a SPA at the time of the tournament. A 20% discount will be applied to SPAs at clubs with Silver Status and above.

To view the announcement in December, please click here.

To view the announcement in January, please click here.

For more details, please review the full information here.

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