Accredited Tournaments

US Squash accredits and supports a year-long calendar of tournaments throughout the country.  Tournaments are structured into several levels and types, each designed to offer fulfilling competitive opportunities for all ages and levels of play.

More about Junior Tournaments

Players earn points towards a junior ranking based on their finishing position in different levels of tournaments.  The highest level of competition is found in the Junior Championship Tour (JCT), which is designed to promote head-to-head competition between the top Under 19, 17, 15, 13 and 11 juniors. These tournaments are open to any junior squash player to compete, but are limited in size to the top-ranked players who register for the tournaments.  These events also contribute to the selection of U.S. Junior Teams to represent the U.S. at world events.  Gold, Silver and Bronze Tournaments provide players with a tiered system below JCT events with Gold tournaments featuring the highest level of competition, followed by Silver and then Bronze tournaments.

The U.S. Junior Championships Series is an opportunity for junior players to participate in a U.S. Championship event at their ability level.  The U.S. Junior Championship (Closed – restricted to U.S. citizens only) brings in the top 32 players from each division to crown yearly National Champions.  The U.S. Junior Open Championships welcomes international players to compete, and allows U.S. juniors to test themselves against the top players from around the world.  The U.S. Silver and Bronze Championships are restricted to players above a certain ranking level to allow all players to experience the excitement of season-end national competition.

For more specific understanding of the tournament structure and eligibility please consult the US Squash Junior Rules and Guidelines.

Junior Tournament Pyramid

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