Accredited Open/Adult Tournament Management Guidelines

Tournament Entry and Timeline

1. Entry Fees

a. Regular entry fees for Adult accredited tournaments are determined by the Tournament Director unless otherwise specified.

2. Entry Notification Timelines

a. Tournament registration is suggested to close 1.5 weeks on the Wednesday before the start of the event. Cut List is recommended to be made public within 48 hours after the entry close date.

3. Tournament Information

a. Detailed tournament information must be provided on the US Squash tournament information page. Fields include additional event information, directions, parking, meal information, and contact information.

4. Division and Player Start Times

a. Division Start Times are recommended for release online at least 7 days before the start of a tournament. Player Start Times recommended for release online at least 48 hours before the start of a tournament.

5. Entrants List

a. As players enter the tournament, the Entrants List will show the number of players entered in each division. The Entrants List will be public during the registration period.

6. Number of Divisions

a. Players may participate in multiple divisions, however, players must be prepared to play all matches at their scheduled times and accommodations do not need to be made by the Tournament Director.

Player Management

1. Players Per Division

a. A minimum of three players is required to be accredited. Tournament Directors may combine divisions to reach this number.

2. Division Size

a. The number of players in a division may be restricted if communicated in advance.

3. Wait List

a. After the entry deadline: Entry into the tournament is not guaranteed. If there is space in a division, a player may be slotted in. Late applicants will also be placed behind any player who were originally placed on the Waitlist when the Cut List was released.
b. After Player Start Times are released: Players on the Waitlist may only take the position of a withdrawing player in the event that the wait-listed player would be seeded at or below the position of the withdrawing player to keep the integrity of the seeding for the draw.

4. Withdraw Deadline

a. The suggested Withdraw Deadline is at 5:00pm in the time zone of the tournament on the Friday one week before the start of the tournament.

Tournament Seeding

1. Seeding Methodology

a. Seeding should be based on a player’s US Squash Player Rating. All seedings use the rankings calculation from the Tuesday Night Rankings Calculation 1.5 weeks prior to event start date.

2. Seeding Discretion

a. Tournament Directors reserve the right to modify the seeding for a tournament to maintain the integrity of the draw.

Draw Types and Result Entry

1. Draw Visibility

a. Draws must be made public at least 24 hours before the start of the event.

2. Draw Type Requirements

a. Draws must follow certain criteria based on the numbers of players in each draw. For more information, please click here.

3. Result Entry

a. Tournament Directors must enter results in draw formats only as the tournament is occurring. All results must be entered before 11:59pm in the time zone of the tournament on the last day of the event

Tournament Scheduling

1. Number of Matches Required

a. A minimum of 2 matches must be provided for each player.

2. Scheduling

a. Three hours between the start of each match time per player is recommended.