Tournament Directors’ Guide for Junior Squash Tournaments


• Look for regular updates on the Tournament Directors page on the US Squash Website
• Plan 9-12 months in advance for a Junior Tournament
• Submit an Online Tournament Accreditation Request for your approved event according to the posted deadlines

Online Entry

• All accredited junior tournaments must use US Squash’s online registration system.

Tournament Information Page
• Location of event (all host facilities and addresses)
• Tournament Fees (regular and late)

o Average Bronze = $70 – 90
o Average Silver = $80 – 100
o Average Gold = $100 – 125

• Parking and Venue Details

o Provide directions to the venue from certain points of interest (highway, hotel, airport, etc.).
o Clearly explain where players/parents should park their cars.
o Publicize to players and parents a telephone number to reach the tournament director at the venue.
o Provide information regarding Locker Rooms, Towels, and Food Options

• Local Hotels

o Mutually beneficial if the tournament director can make a deal at a nearby hotel for players and parents
o Provide a list of hotels where players and parents can stay on your entry form and tournament information page

Draw Types

• Review all Junior Guidelines
• Provide a minimum of 3 matches for each player


• Gold/JCT: Need to give players a minimum of 3 hours between scheduled matches
• Silver: Recommended to give players a minimum of 2 hours between scheduled matches
• Bronze: Recommended to give players a minimum of 1.5 hours between scheduled matches
• Refer to the Tournament Director Guidelines to see how much time to allot for each match
• For refereeing purposes, the recommended order is GU11, GU13, BU11, BU13, GU15, GU17, BU15, BU17, BU19, GU19


• Must be provided for 1st place, 2nd place, classic plate winner, and the consolation winner. For round robins, only 1st and 2nd place trophies must be provided.

Player Gifts

• All participants must be provided a player gift upon tournament check-in.

Food and Beverage

• Breakfast must be provided on days where matches begin before 10:00am. Lunch must be provided on days where matches are played between 11:00am and 2:00pm.
• Recommended to have drinks (water and Gatorade) available or for sale at the tournament

Squash Balls

• Recommend using a new ball on every court every 2.5 hours.
• General formula for the number of balls needed for a tournament: (hours of expected play * number of courts)/2.5


• Recommend that a tournament has the option for stringing

Medical Staff

• Recommended to have a trainer on-site for assistance with match preparation (ex: wrapping ankles) and/or injuries
• Maintain a working AED near the courts in case of any heart issues
• Create a plan for more serious injuries including the nearest hospital and a transportation strategy