Tournament Directors’ Guide for Open/Adult Squash Tournaments


• Look for regular updates on the Tournament Directors page on the US Squash Website
• Plan 4-6 months in advance for an Open/Adult Tournament
• Submit an Online Tournament Accreditation Request for your event

Entry Forms and Tournament Information Page

• Specify dates of event
• Give an entry deadline according to the current Guidelines
• Location of event
• Tournament Fees (regular and/or late)

o Average Open/Adult: $60-100

• Parking and Venue Details

o Provide directions to the venue from certain points of interest (highway, hotel, airport, etc.).
o Clearly explain where players/parents should park their cars.
o Publicize to players and parents with telephone number to reach the tournament director at the venue.
o Provide information regarding Locker Rooms, Towels, and Food Options

• Local Hotels

o Mutually beneficial if the tournament director can make a deal at a nearby hotel for players and parents
o Provide a list of hotels where players and parents can stay on your entry form and tournament information page

Draw Types

• Review all Open/Adult Guidelines
• Provide a minimum of 2 matches for each player
• Use US Squash Approved Draw Types available on the Run a tournament Page


• Generally try and give at least 3 hours of rest time
• Adult tournaments generally schedule 40 minute time intervals for matches


• Recommend having a trophy for first and second place finishers, as well as all those who won their last match (Consolation Winner, Plate Winner, Classic Plate Winner)

Player Gifts

• Provide an article of clothing, or another memorable souvenir as a player gift at the registration desk.

Food and Beverage

• It is not required to provide food and drinks at a tournament, however many events do so
• Recommended to have drinks (water and Gatorade) available or for sale at the tournament

Squash Balls

• Recommend using a new ball on every court every 2.5 hours.
• General formula for the number of balls needed for a tournament: (hours of expected play * number of courts)/2.5


• Recommend that a tournament has the option for stringing

Facility Set-Up

• Clipboards and pens are recommended behind every court for scoring purposes.
• It is beneficial to attach pens to clipboards so that pens don’t go missing
• Using an expo or dry erase marker on the glass on the back of each court allows players and parents to see who is current on the court, as well and the rest of the court schedule throughout the day

Medical Staff

• Recommended to have a trainer on-site for assistance with match preparation (ex: wrapping ankles) and/or injuries
• Maintain a working AED near the courts in case of any heart issues
• Create a plan for more serious injuries including the nearest hospital and a transportation strategy