US Squash Issues Facility and Program COVID-19 Advisory (Updated 4/3/20)

Updated 4/3/2020

On March 10, 2020, US Squash suspended junior accredited competition, effective immediately through the first weekend in May. US Squash has now officially also suspended all adult accredited competition including tournaments, leagues and ladders through the first weekend of May.

While we understand each facility will have its own guidance, plans and control methods in place on how the spread of the virus can be mitigated by squash programs, we are also reaching out to provide supplemental direction to help guide any decision-making.

US Squash recommends that all facilities follow the direction of their local governments and health authorities when making the decision whether to fully close operations. In many states, athletic facilities, schools and health clubs currently are mandated to close by the government. If a club decides to remain open, however, US Squash recommends that group programming be thought of as non-essential gatherings and therefore strongly considered for suspension.  This means that clubs should assess whether or not to hold the following programming:

  • Events, including tournaments;
  • Squash leagues and clinics;
  • Junior squash programs, including scholastic squash and leagues.

This guidance should be used in conjunction with existing facility protocols and we recommend any open facilities ensure strong precautions to maintain a clean and safe environment are taken as explained by the CDC. Members who feel unwell should be asked to avoid entering the facility.

We support the idea that it is our collective responsibility to put the health and safety of our squash playing membership as our primary concern. We hope that these considerations for preventive measures if undertaken will diminish the spread of the virus so that we can resume normal, safe play as soon as possible.

For more information about US Squash’s response to COVID-19 and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, click here:

Please contact should you have any questions or concerns.

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