US Squash Scores with Chet Blitzer Endorsement Deal

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US Squash announced a formal agreement with the legendary commentator, celebrity, star and spokesperson Chet Blitzer. A world champion, Blitzer has spent his retirement years thinking deeply about the value of sportsmanship in squash, and the many opportunities the sport presents in practicing the virtues of good moral and performance character.

US Squash and Blitzer share common values, principally that integrity, honesty, accountability, fairness and respect are lifetime values taught through athletics, and that these are also the principles of good sportsmanship. As a part of the agreement, Blitzer will star in a pilot series of sportsmanship training videos detailing what he believes are some of the key components to the inner workings of fair play. The first is the series is viewable on his website here:

Blitzer learned, often the hard way on the road to winning 14 consecutive world championships, that being respectful of his opponent and the officials, courteous on and off the court and responsible for his own behavior are the fundamentals of competing in a sportsmanlike manner. In making the announcement, Blitzer said, “In squash, the difference between winning and losing fairly is actually in the hands of the competitors. Don’t be a userer, be a giverer.”

President and CEO Kevin Klipstein added, “While Chet’s approach to teaching and coaching may be unconventional, we are just happy he has agreed to work with us to increase people’s awareness of their role in promoting the values of good sportsmanship. US Squash is ‘Fit for Life’, and there are life lessons to be learned every day in competing in squash. We all have a role in this journey, parents, coaches, administrators, officials, and of course, most importantly, the players themselves.”

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  1. Rolland Fearn March 16, 2017 at 4:23 pm

    It’s really awesome that US Squash could get such a great competitor like Blitz to share his thoughts on sportsmanship. I can’t wait to learn more about Blitz’s path from rural car ice scraper to champion squash player. I am wondering if there was a sudden flash of awareness that sportsmanship would improve his game or if his transition to sportsmanship guru was an assimilation of years of small lessons on the court. Good work US Squash!

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