US Squash Updates Broadcast Policy

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US Squash Policies
US Squash has revised its Broadcast Policy in an effort to clarify the guidelines and rules surrounding photography and recording at US Squash accredited events. In short, the policy allows photography and recording from outside the court for direct personal use, and in the case of minors, photography and recording only by relatives, coaches and guardians of participants. Third party photography or recording of participants under the age of 18, other than by those approved by US Squash, is prohibited. In all cases, in order to reduce the risk of misuse, US Squash does not recommend location-tagging of videos or photos.

The revised policy also provides examples of the policy in action for regularly occurring situations, and defines what is and is not appropriate. The policy, which applies to all accredited competition, closely inter-relates with other policies and guidelines designed to foster a positive and safe environment for all players, parents, coaches, and spectators. These include, but are not limited to: the US Squash Code of Conduct; the Abuse, Harassment, Bullying and Hazing Policy; and practices espoused by the national SafeSport initiative.

Read the Broadcast Policy in full on the US Squash Policies page.

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