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Those of us in the working world have, at some point in our careers, been exposed to a version of the same exercise during an “off-site” or “retreat”. In it, we write down what we spend our time on during a typical week, such as being with family, our work, commuting, shopping for and preparing food, transporting or supporting our kids, community service, squash, reading for pleasure, and long walks in the park. Then in the first column, we write down as a percent of our waking hours, how much time we allocate per week doing the activities we wrote down.

Coming back to the exercise later, we add a second column, and do the same allocation, however this time, we write down a percent based on how much we think we should spend based on what’s most important to us. After subtracting one column from the other, by seeing what gaps there are, and how large, we usually realize we’re not spending enough time on what we value most.

Depending on where you work, this may veer into a conversation about work/life balance, office culture, the organization’s mission, whether you’re in the right role, or even whether you’re at the right organization!
Those of us at US Squash are fortunate to work where there is a clear sense of purpose and mission—it touches on enhancing the experience all of you have in the sport of squash, while doing what we can to increase access to the sport given our belief in the enduring benefits of being involved in the squash community.

This year’s diverse selections for our Top 50 spend time on things they value deeply. Many are involved in squash as volunteers, in many cases super-volunteers, dedicating countless hours to supporting the sport and enhancing our collective experience of it. Some do their best to make a living doing the same, and are focused on expanding the sport’s reach, while others are simply modeling for the rest of us how to live with purpose.

Meaningful lifelong engagement in squash is central to our work at US Squash, and fundamentally, we are delivering more value to the community than ever before. Club players are able to get a rating, find a match, participate in ladders and book a court; league players and US Squash members are able to tap into their match history, track players and view scores live. “Pro” level access gets our most active players, often juniors, unlimited access to Player Tracker and Live Scoreboard, and parents, coaches and fans are able to do the same with a “Plus” account. These valuable services are available in a single system, at all of the more than 1, 000 squash facilities across the country, and soon, beyond the U.S.

Delivering this value gives us a sense of purpose – it helps us accomplish key aspects of our mission. On a personal level, it’s likely our TOP 50 feel the same, and we’re thankful they do.

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